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The most important job factors for Developers

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At, we care deeply about what developers want from their working lives. Since we always want to know more about this topic, we decided to ask the developer community directly. Over the past 6 months, we’ve asked developers from all over the world to contribute to a survey to rate what factors they value the most when evaluating job opportunities.

15000+ responses later(!) and we’re ready to share our findings. We’ve made this ‘Living Infographic’ in which users can interactively explore the response data. It pulls the data directly from survey on a hourly basis and so will self update as more developers complete the survey.

With many thanks to every single developer that completed the survey so far, we are happy to share this little page of insights with you.

Please note that this is still a relatively small data set ({{ totalResponses }} fully completed responses) which we are looking to expand, and as such may not be representative of every demographic and industry.

We also want to say that both the survey and the infographic has been built by humble developers, without a data science background. It's not perfect, but we hope to improve upon its implementation and will welcome your feedback and objections.

If you like what we're doing, help us get more spread by completing and sharing the survey.

Enjoy and thank you!


In the survey, we asked developers to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 the importance for them of the following job factors (Where 1 is Irrelevant and 10 Important):

  1. Salary
  2. Tech StackThe technologies and programming languages you will need to work with.
  3. Job DefinitionWhat the job entails and how you will be spending your time.
  4. Team MembersWhat the team around you are like.
  5. IndustryWhat business sector the company operates in.
  6. ProductWhat the product is like.
  7. Stock Options
  8. LocationThe location you will work out of
  9. CommuteHow long your journey will be
  10. Company SizeHow many employees the company has.
  11. Benefits + PerksInclusion of Pension, Medical Care, Car, etc.

Below are displayed the average ratings (Scored 1 to 10) split by category between all {{ totalResponses }} developers that completed the questionnaire.

Change over experience

Gender Distribution

Out of the {{ totalResponses }} developers that took our survey, {{ genderDistribution[0] }} identified as males, {{ genderDistribution[2] }} as female and {{ genderDistribution[1] }} as other.

  • Male ({{ genderDistribution[0] }})
  • Other ({{ genderDistribution[1] }})
  • Female ({{ genderDistribution[2] }})

Relevance Distribution

The following interactive map helps you explore geographical trends of relevance based om the average values we've collected between all nations with 50+ responses.

You can click on each point of the legend to isolate them, or in the individual countries to see their stats.

Countries Breakdown

The following module breaks down each of the values we asked to evaluate to display the countries that scored highest and lowest relevancy in average.

Only countries with a minimum of 50 responses are considered in the following charts.

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